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Updates on Eligibility Requirement Changes

 Please review the FAQs below for details.

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Yes. CareFirst is relaxing the requirement that employees be actively working to remain on the plan during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. However, we’ll expect premium payments to continue to be made in a timely manner.

Yes, the group plan can remain in force under these conditions. However, we’ll expect premium payments to continue to be made in a timely manner.

Yes. Established new hire and re-hire waiting periods won’t apply during the emergency period. Members can enroll or re-enroll on a date determined by the group or plan administrator subject to applicable Federal and State laws regarding maximum waiting periods for coverage.

No. The original terms of the contract still apply: Benefit plan changes may only be made because of a qualifying life event.

Only over-age dependents that meet the established disability requirements are eligible to remain on the plan. Non-disabled dependents follow standard contract rules and aren’t eligible after the established age-out date. These dependents will be eligible for COBRA or to obtain coverage through their state exchange as a result of this life event.

D.C. residents without insurance can get coverage during the coronavirus pandemic through January 31, 2022 during their special enrollment period.

No. CareFirst will continue to deliver timely and accurate enrollment for all members. There are no indications that the member experience will be affected by the pandemic.

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