Mental & Behavioral Health

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way the world did business almost overnight. Whether your workforce had the privilege of working remotely or suited up in PPE every day, it’s likely that any abrupt change impacted their mental health.

People living with mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, addiction or loneliness may be feeling symptoms of their condition more than normal. Since January of 2019, adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression is up 30% year over year.

Among Essential and Nonessential Workers, Share of Adults Reporting Mental Distress and Substance Use, June 2020

Essential Workers
Nonessential Workers
    • 42%

    • 30%

Symptoms of Anxiety or Depressive Disorder

    • 25%

    • 11%

Started or Increased Substance Use to Cope with Stress or Emotions Related to COVID-19

    • 22%

    • 8%

Seriously Considered Suicide in Past 30 Days

Source: KFF

Use these fliers, guides, emails and more to show your employees that you understand how challenging the last year has been while also supporting their mental and behavioral health.