Losing Employer Retiree Coverage

If you have previously been covered by a retiree health plan and that coverage is now ending, you may be eligible for Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs).

  • There is a Special Enrollment Period that lasts six months after the retiree health plan coverage ends. You are guaranteed acceptance into any Medicare Supplement plan at the lowest rate during this time period.
  • If you also had retiree drug coverage that is ending, there is a special enrollment period for a Medicare prescription drug (Part D) plan. Your chance to join lasts for 2 full months after the month you lose your coverage, or you're notified that your current coverage is no longer creditable, whichever is later. Note: your coverage must be considered “creditable” for this enrollment period to apply.

You should discuss any questions with your Benefits Administrator or your broker. The employer likely has a process for the transition set up. Visit the Medicare Basics section to learn about the different parts of Medicare.