CareFirst Response to Two Issues: Anthem Data Breach and Suspicious Phone Calls

Baltimore, MD (February 05, 2015) - The safety and security of your private health information is of great importance to us. We ask that you read the two updates below on recent issues that may affect CareFirst members.

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Statement Regarding Anthem Data Breach

CareFirst has been made aware by Anthem (like CareFirst, a Blue Cross Blue Shield company) of a cyberattack on Anthem’s information technology system and a resulting data breach. It is unknown at this time the extent to which the data breach may affect members of other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.

CareFirst is working with Anthem and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association as the breach is investigated, and will provide information as warranted about the breach and any impact on CareFirst members.

Further information about the data breach may be found at Anthem's site.

Report of Suspicious Voice Mails Claiming to Be From CareFirst

CareFirst has been informed that some members have received voice messages claiming to be from CareFirst, and asking the member to call back to a given phone number. That number connects the member to a company that offers information on vacation packages.

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is not sponsoring or making these calls and is investigating this matter.