Our Drug Coverage

prescription drugs iconOur safe, convenient and cost-effective prescription drug plans offer:

  • A nationwide network of more than 60,000 pharmacies. Find a pharmacy near you
  • Access to nearly 5,000 drugs. Search for a specific drug.
  • Mail Service Pharmacy—our mail order drug program
  • Coordinated medical and pharmacy care management programs to improve overall health and reduce costs
  • Personalized care management notices detailing cost savings opportunities, safety alerts and important drug information

Our Drug List

A formulary is a list of covered prescription drugs. Our drug list is reviewed and approved by an independent national committee comprised of physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals.

Within the formulary, prescription drugs are divided into tiers. Depending on the plan you choose, prescription drugs fall into one of the following drug tiers and the price you pay is determined by that tier.

Drug Tiers Defined

Drug Tier (cost-share)Definition
$0 Copay You may pay nothing for certain preventive drugs.
Generic Drugs
Work the same as brand-name drugs but cost less.
Preferred brand
Brand-name drugs not available in generic form.
Non-preferred brand
Brand drugs with less expensive alternatives.
Specialty drugs
Drugs require special handling, administration or monitoring—used to treat a serious or chronic condition.