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Data and Social Determinants in Support of Better Outcomes

CareFirst's Vice President of Community Health and Social Impact Dr. Destiny-Simone Ramjohn and Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tich Changamire recently spoke with Health Leader's Media on the importance of addressing social determinants of health.

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Complete Care

Mental Health in the Workplace

multi-ethnic work group

Stacia Cohen, R.N., MBA, Executive Vice President of Health Services for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, recently shared insights with the Business Journal on workplace mental health and how we apply the lessons we learned from the pandemic to prioritize mental health in the workplace.

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The Surprising Reasons Behind Vaccine Hesitancy

pharmacist filling out a vaccine card

As COVID-19 continues making its presence known worldwide, politicians and public health officials are perplexed by the increased resistance to vaccine safety and efficacy. In searching for a reason to explain this resistance, psychology and, more specifically, cognitive biases research have a lot to offer.

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What will be the Pandemic's Mental Health Legacy?

CareFirst's Executive Vice President of Health Services, Stacia A. Cohen, R.N., MBA, joined the panel during MedCity INVEST to discuss mental healthcare disparities and the pandemic's broader effect on mental health.

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Meeting Member Needs Through Medicaid

grandfather playing with 2 kids

Vickie Cosby, Senior Vice President, Medicaid and Medicare Programs, CareFirst and Cindy Nanasi, VP, Segment Integration, CareFirst, recently spoke with Oliver Wyman Health about CareFirst’s entry into Medicaid.

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How Plans Are Supporting Providers on Their Value-Based Care Journey

group brainstorming

World Congress recently hosted a panel discussion highlighting the importance of applying a phased approach to meet providers where they are at to accelerate success in value-based care arrangements.

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Vaccines Are the Way to End This Pandemic

CareFirst’s Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Daniel Winn, recently shared important information with the Baltimore Sun on COVID-19 vaccines, myths tied to vaccines in general, accessibility and post-vaccination measures.

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Helping Members Manage Diabetes from the Comfort and Safety of Home

A new virtual program from CareFirst and leading diabetes management company, Onduo, ensures high-risk members get the care they need, especially during COVID.

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As Childhood Vaccinations Decline, Concern Grows

There has been a steep drop in the rate of pediatric vaccinations since the start of the pandemic. See how CareFirst is course-correcting this distressing development.

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Removing Barriers to Diabetes Care

Most people who have prediabetes don’t even know they have it. The U.S. is experiencing a silent national epidemic.

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