Better Together Campaign

The Better Together Pledge

We want everyone in our community to be safe. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine adds one more layer of protection for us and those we love. Each of us has a part to play in leaving COVID-19 behind.

To support the national immunization effort, we created the Better Together Pledge. We asked our own workforce to commit to getting the shot when, and if, they’re able. Then, we reached out to community leaders and business partners to do the same.

Each pledge received resulted in a donation to organizations on the frontline of the vaccination effort, supporting the important work they do in our communities. Among the beneficiaries are Casa de Maryland, United Way of the National Capital Area and West Virginia Health Right.

Because of everyone who pledged their support, CareFirst contributions funded:

2,000 free rides to vaccination events.
5,000 people vaccinated in underserved communities.

3,000 vaccines for immigrants and LatinX people.
10,000 callers given referrals and vaccination help.

3,000 residents received health education and services.
New clinic established to expand care delivery in West Virginia.

CareFirst Associates

We asked all our employees and contingent workers to take a stand and show their commitment to personal health and those they love by signing the pledge to get vaccinated when they’re eligible. For each of the 4,421 members of the CareFirst workforce who signed the pledge, CareFirst contributed $100 to a community partner to further vaccination efforts.

Community Leaders

To reach the target vaccination rates necessary to contain the virus, employers must play a part in helping to end this pandemic. For the health and safety of their workforces—and their surrounding communities—766 organizations signed the Better Together Community Organization Pledge. And, for each organization that signed the pledge, we contributed $1,000 to the community organizations listed above.