Healthcare Providers


As dental offices reopen for comprehensive care, CareFirst will continue to cover telemedicine visits for problem-focused dental evaluations and follow ups using the teledentistry code for synchronous visits (D9995). Detailed information for how to bill for telemedicine visits can be found in the telemedicine section of this resource center.

Pre-Treatment Estimates

CareFirst understands that due to COVID-19 dental offices may face a backlog of patients needing their procedures rescheduled. Therefore, pre-treatment estimates submitted between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020 will remain in the approved status for up to 12 months. Under CareFirst normal operating guidelines pre-treatment estimates are good for 270 days. As a reminder, verify patient benefits and eligibility before each visit. If a patient’s benefit has changed, the member may no longer be eligible for the for the procedure at the time of service.