Supplier Diversity

A Message from Our CEO

CareFirst President and CEO Brian Pienick“At CareFirst, we value diversity of background, thought, and experience. We recognize and embrace that diverse perspectives help strengthen our organization and enable us to achieve our goals. This emphasis on diversity applies to the people who work within CareFirst and those with whom we partner. Our suppliers are instrumental to our ability to deliver on our mission. As such, we have prioritized ensuring that our supplier base reflects our intent to promote diversity and that our partners share in our belief that with diversity comes strength. CareFirst’s Supplier Diversity Program aims to embody this quality among the partners we work with and ensure people of all backgrounds are provided the same opportunities and access to work with us.”

Brian Pieninck, Chief Executive Officer

Mission Driven

The Supplier Diversity Program supports CareFirst's commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity because it enables diverse businesses in our communities to grow. As a participant in our Supplier Diversity Program, you’ll support our company mission to:

  • Offer affordable health plans
  • Address our membership’s needs
  • Conduct business responsibly
  • Collaborate with the communities in which we operate
  • Control healthcare costs
  • Promote respect, fairness and opportunity for our members, associates and suppliers
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