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Premium Credit

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant disruption for our employer groups and members. As we continue to evaluate ways to support our members during this unprecedented time, we are announcing a one-time premium credit for fully insured employer groups. Please read the following FAQs for more information around timing and eligibility.

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As part of CareFirst’s continuing efforts to support our customers during this unprecedented time, we are announcing a one-time premium credit for active fully insured employer groups reflected on their August premium invoice.

This credit will apply to active fully insured employer groups. This includes new and renewing medical and dental business.

The following groups are excluded:

  • Members under CareFirst COBRA
  • Student health plans
  • Individual policies since they may already be eligible for federal subsidies
  • Self-funded medical and dental coverage

The premium credit will be a percentage that varies by segment as well as whether the coverage is medical or dental.

Medical premium credits by segment

  • 2-50 – 10%
  • 51-99 – 10%
  • 100-199 - 10%
  • 200+ - 5%

Dental premium credits

  • 50% for all group segments

In August, fully insured employer groups will notice a credit against their medical and dental premiums.

This includes premium discounts for small, medium, and large accounts.

Yes, the credit will also apply to any group that has applied for the premium deferral program. The credit will apply to the August invoice, not any previous amount due for repayment.

If the group is in arrears within the grace period, they will be eligible for premium credit.

Yes, as the PSF for 51+ groups is based on premiums paid, there will be a percentage decrease equal to the accounts’ premium credit decrease.

Currently, there are no plans to offer self-insured employers a premium credit.

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