A New Approach to Funding: Max Performance Plus

For many employers, managing healthcare costs is an ongoing, strategic imperative that can significantly impact both the health of their bottom line and the health of their employees. Exploring new solutions to help alleviate the pressure of rising costs is a critical function—one that CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) is committed to supporting.

Our latest innovation, for instance, is a fully insured funding arrangement called Max Performance Plus, and it can deliver potential savings to help employers manage risk and maintain financial stability.

Designed for organizations with 51 or more eligible employees located in our Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia service area, Max Performance Plus offers new or renewing employer groups the predictability and protection of a fully insured arrangement. This means, unlike self-insured funding solutions, there are no compliance challenges, terminal liability funding, additional administration and other reporting responsibilities required.

Instead, employers can enjoy the convenience of a fully insured funding solution that offers:

  • fixed monthly premium payments,
  • regular claims reporting to help assess healthcare spending, and
  • the opportunity to share the surplus at the end of the contract year.

Max Performance Plus—Fully Insured, Beautifully Simple

By offering employers more choice, increased transparency through regular reporting and greater potential savings, Max Performance Plus can help organizations better manage healthcare costs and support their efforts to improve the health and well-being of their workforce. In addition, Max Performance Plus is backed by the Power of Blue, so employers can offer employees access to strong local and national networks and provider discounts.

As a not-for-profit healthcare company committed to affordability, we know managing healthcare costs is a top priority for most organizations. That’s why CareFirst is committed to delivering innovative solutions like Max Performance Plus, which puts more financial control in employers’ hands without compromising their employees’ benefits.

Learn more about Max Performance Plus and how it can help employers realize potential savings:

  • Employers: Talk to your CareFirst Sales Representative or broker.
  • Brokers & Consultants: Contact your CareFirst Account Consultant.