Advocacy & Public Policy

We’re collaborating with policymakers to drive the transformation of healthcare by removing barriers and creating incentives to place care for every individual and community at the forefront.

Advancing Equity - Ensuring Overall Health and Well-Being of our Communities

CareFirst outlines several ways policymakers can help advance equity and inclusion in healthcare.

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How Policymakers Can Enable Value-Based Care

CareFirst offers policymakers several areas of focus to help promote and accelerate the shift from volume- to value-based care.

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Expanding Access to Care through Telehealth

As the use of telehealth skyrockets during the pandemic, CareFirst is encouraging policymakers to support its continued growth and affordability.

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A Multi-Faceted Approach to Addressing the Behavioral Health Crisis

Access to behavioral healthcare is shrinking. The time for policymakers to act is now.

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Common-Sense Solutions for Rising Drug Prices

Prescription drug prices continue to rise at an unreasonable pace, straining many families’ ability to afford them. See what simple yet effective solutions we’re proposing to turn the tide.

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Working with Policymakers to Expand Access to Affordable Coverage

See the specific actions CareFirst is recommending to policymakers to help curb rising healthcare costs for our members.

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