CareFirst Welcomes New Virtual Care Practice, CloseKnit

Virtial Care Practice Doctor with high tech interactiveBefore the pandemic, virtual care was a “nice-to-have,” a convenient option for people to use when they couldn’t see their doctor in person. But COVID-19 changed that. Suddenly, virtual care was a “must-have,” especially for those needing care for other conditions besides COVID. Now, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield’s (CareFirst) innovation and investment arm, Healthworx, is pushing virtual care even further, welcoming its new virtual-first, primary care practice called CloseKnit.

Mary Jane Favazza, CEO of CloseKnit, and Mike Bautista, Director of Commercialization, Healthworx, spoke with about the recent launch of CloseKnit—a whole-health experience designed entirely around its patients accessible through an easy-to-use app.

“It's a different kind of primary care relationship…open 24/7/365…CloseKnit is primary care in your pocket. It’s a continuous, patient-centered, longitudinal relationship that brings a multidisciplinary team to the table for patients.”

-Mary Jane Favazza, CEO of CloseKnit

Bautista noted that the significant uptake around virtual care experience during the pandemic gave Healthworx “confidence that there was an appetite for individuals to seek and engage in care experiences that did not just include brick and mortar locations.”

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