This is Our Shot to Leave COVID-19 Behind

One year ago, the way we work and the way we live changed overnight, for all of us. We could not have predicted the devastating impact of this pandemic or how long it would be with us, but there is hope. Vaccines offer all of us the best path forward to returning to normal.

As a healthcare company, neighbor and community leader, it is our responsibility at CareFirst to encourage our members, our employees, our communities and fellow business leaders to play their part in the nation’s historic COVID vaccine effort. As such, we recently announced Better Together, a new campaign designed to make a meaningful difference in the next chapter of this pandemic.

An element of the Better Together campaign features a public health ad called “The Deal.”

As a healthcare company, CareFirst remains committed to our responsibility to do our part by increasing awareness and reminding people that this our shot to achieve herd immunity to end the pandemic.

Our simple ask, or the deal? Get the vaccine when you are eligible – for you, for loved ones, for all of us.

More Information on Better Together

It is crucial to start the outreach efforts now to reach target vaccination rates; therefore, the Better Together campaign will include numerous resources in the form of online forums and educational opportunities with medical experts and influential community spokespeople targeting populations and locations most in need and the customers CareFirst serves.

As part of our "Better Together" campaign, CareFirst will expand upon ongoing collaboration with public health officials and community leaders to support coordinated allocation and distribution of vaccines that are equitable and prioritize communities impacted most by the pandemic.

The initiative's key objective will be to highlight the role everyone can play in support of public health. Additionally, reminders surrounding behaviors like wearing a mask, washing hands, and social distancing will not cease, as we encourage everyone to get the shot when eligible.

The main driver – the best way for all of us to get better is to do it together.

We're committed to ensuring individuals have access to the care and resources needed to protect themselves and others. For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, please visit the CareFirst Coronavirus Resource Center.