Skills Students Will Require in a Post-Pandemic World

Student Doing Schoolwork Education Week recently published a piece speaking to the skills students will require in a post-pandemic world. As the future of work continues to be redefined and experience pivots, the skills students are learning in school must align to meet the needs of the workforce of the future. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield's Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Angela Celestin, was one of many top U.S. companies and executives featured.

Angela elegantly pointed to the "role schools play in developing talent in future generations. The skills children pick up early on from developing relationships with their teachers, and each other will continue to be the foundational component to success. Teachers that offer nurturing environments and flexibility, so students feel comfortable bringing their whole self to school will be the most effective teachers in the future—producing the most engaged students."

She also shared an important message about empathy being the key to unlocking the value of each other's diversity. "Empathy, defined as the ability to experience someone else's feelings vicariously, thoughts or attitudes. Or, in other words, walking a mile in someone else's shoes. Once you do that, then you can begin to appreciate and leverage diversity effectively."

At CareFirst, we value individuals committed to listening, learning about ourselves and our communities, fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment and acting on the values that guide our organization. To nurture belonging is to create an environment where every person feels like a member regardless of their experience, position, background or identity. Through this focus, we hope to extend the positive impact we have on the outside to individuals, families and communities we serve, now and in the future.

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