New Tool Offers Connection To Free, Low-Cost Social Services

screenshot I finally saw my primary care provider, but this new prescription is more expensive than I expected. How will I afford my medication and my groceries? I know I need to talk to a mental health professional, but I’m unsure where to start. How can I find a therapist nearby? If I could just figure out reliable transportation to work, I know my paycheck would cover our necessities.

Too many hardworking households face situations like this every day. And the decisions we make often impact more than one person or one family. Difficult choices for one person can lead to difficult choices for an entire community.

CareFirst partners with organizations in the community to not only address the root causes that lead to disparities and inequities but also to ensure our neighbors do not fall through the cracks while we work to implement sustainable, lasting change.

That’s where findhelp comes in.

CareFirst is working with findhelp to connect members, employees, and residents in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and parts of Northern Virginia—regardless of whether they are a CareFirst member—to free or reduced-cost social and health services. With more than 600,000 distinct programs in the findhelp network, users can connect to services from financial assistance to food pantries, medical care, and more.

Being healthy is about more than seeing a doctor when you’re sick. It’s about having access to reliable transportation, education, and healthy food. It’s about living in a safe neighborhood. And your zip code shouldn’t determine how long or how well you live.

Go to to find help for yourself or others in need with dignity and ease.

Better health depends on it.

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