The Key to Leading During COVID-19: Partnerships in Support of Community Health

COVID-19 changed businesses in more ways than one due to the extensive gaps brought to light throughout this last year. Therefore, leadership within organizations has never been more important.

As part of the Black Business Matters Expo Powered by The AFRO, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield recently hosted a panel discussion that shared details on leadership efforts that have remained top of mind in this environment. Additionally, they provided tangible information to energize and empower employers to define ways to support, advocate and educate alongside fellow Baltimore businesses.

The session, moderated by Cierra Colon, Senior Representative, Multimedia Communications, featured Maria Harris Tildon, Executive Vice President, Public Policy & Government Affairs and Destiny-Simone Ramjohn, Vice President, Community Health & Social Impact.

Throughout the discussion, they shared:

  • What the early days of the COVID pandemic looked like in the CareFirst offices and how our leadership teams identified issues, needs and a response plan
  • Investments in community health, and why it has been so important to the ability to make an impact
  • Details about the public-private partnership formed among Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland Medical System and CareFirst
  • Lessons learned throughout our partnerships to leverage for vaccine implementation
  • CareFirst's 2021 focus—take the pledge to get the shot to leave COVID-19 behind us

Watch the full panel discussion to learn more about CareFirst's commitment to ensuring individuals have access to the care and resources needed to protect themselves and others.

For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, please visit the CareFirst Coronavirus Resource Center.